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Microsoft wants to control your email!

And if you leave it too late you may not have any choice in the matter.

You will pay for this in more ways than one.

From the middle of 2013 Microsoft are discontinuing the Small Business Server 2011 (SBS) from the market.

Microsoft wants you to pay more for your email

SBS 2011 is the last version of the operating system which most of you rely upon to drive your server and run your email with MS-Exchange.

In its place they are launching SBS Essentials – a stripped down version of SBS that does not include Exchange.

This is because they want you to move to their hosted Exchange service – Office 365.

….and carry on paying……

You will pay £2.82 per user per month for the privilege to run your email.

Multiply that by the number of users and over 5 years you are paying substantially more than if you purchased SBS.

The alternative is to buy full versions of Windows and Exchange (or Office 365) which will likely triple the cost.

If you have over 25 users you will have no choice in the matter as SBS Essentials reduces the 75 user limit of SBS to 25.

Are you happy to hand over your email to Microsoft?

On top of this you will lose an element of control of your email. Where are your emails being stored? How long are they retained for?

Disclaimers, Public Folders etc will all have to be re-configured.

If you send a lot of internal emails, all of these will now go out over your broadband lines, adding to congestion.

Act before the decision is made for you

Do not let Microsoft take you down a road you do not wish want to take. Speak to CNC as soon as possible and let us guide you down the correct path to suit your needs before it is too late.

Call our sales department on 0845 0700 585 or email

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