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Beyond day-today IT services and support

Let us run your technology while you run your business

IT Solutions that grow with your business

And forward planning to avoid unexpected expenditure

Free IT Health Check Call us on 01273 386333

To give you peace of mind, improve performance and reliability

25 Years' experience gives us confidence to be innovative

And the wisdom to know that tried and tested is sometimes best

IT Support Outsourcing

Business driven IT outsourcing that goes beyond day to day IT support. Encompassing IT strategy and ongoing management we reduce your costs and improve your IT.

Going beyond day to day IT Support

  • Gain tighter control over your IT support costs
  • Give CNC total responsibility (managed IT Support) or allow us to complement your internal resources
  • Full SLA’s in place, including 2 hour response which YOU can track
  • ServerCare for inclusive server support including monitoring
  • ServiceDesk, inclusive user support including asset tracking and audits
  • PrePay for adhoc use of our IT support services; use us as you need us
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Disaster recovery & backup

40% of all SMB’s will go out of business if they cannot get to their data in the first 24 hours after a crisis – our Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup solutions ensure your company won’t meet this fate.

Disaster Recovery Services

  • 2nd Site Data Backup –
    protecting your Data with remote storage at a dedicated Data Centre, from £50 a month
  • 2nd Site Disaster Recover
    protecting your site with remote backup of servers to protect against disasters such as fire or flood
  • 2nd Site Server Recovery –
    protecting your servers with local restore of systems available in under an hour
  • 2nd Site MailGuard –
    protecting your email; archiving and immediate recovery of email functionality in the event of an Exchange server failure
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Technology solutions

Once we understand what IT your business needs we can turn to an extensive portfolio of products, software and hardware to deliver a customised solution that meets your specific requirements.

  • Microsoft Gold Partner, full range of operating system solutions available
  • Virtualisation, reducing server management and support costs with VMWare
  • Citrix Silver Solution partner, remote working solutions using the market leaders products
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Business Broadband Services

Without the Internet access that broadband provides the day to day operations of a small businesses can grind to a halt. CNC’s services, including ADSL, redundant broadband and leased lines provide reliable high speed access for our clients.

Having a “redundant” broadband service means having more than one broadband service available which will automatically switch from one to the other to optimise your connection to the Internet. If one service fails or is disrupted you can be assured of a reliable internet connection through the other route. This is know as internet connection redundancy.

Business broadband Services Provided:

  • CNC Internet – let us manage your domains, hosting and mail forwarding
  • CNC Broadband – a range of ADSL services including leading edge Infinity with inclusive support
  • Leased Lines – where maximum uptime is required and ADSL can’t deliver due to line quality
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Following a server disaster, CNC worked with this Utility Provider to get their systems back on track and make sure they stay there


This utility services provider had a major IT outage with their servers and following a quick recovery by CNC we were handed the ongoing support and management of their IT infrastructure.
CNC were also tasked with consolidating the IT across the two main sites, aligning IT to the business strategy and implementing Disaster Recovery Safeguards across the infrastructure.
Working closely with the MD, CNC are responsible for ensuring the IT keeps pace with the longer term business plans.


Consolidation of key applications via redeployment to head office with Citrix remote access for other sites.
Implementation of a stable and high bandwidth WAN link using leased lines for access to key applications across the company.
Rolling out a High Availability and Disaster Recovery infrastructure including Remote Data Backup, Server and Email DR, Redundant Firewalls, UPS backup in event of power outage.


  • CNC ServerCare
  • Consultancy
  • New Server Installs
  • 2nd Site disaster recovery (DR)
  • 2nd Site database (DB)


More reliable and stable systems.
Standardisation and improvements in performance for remote access which unites the company across all sites.
Redundant infrastructure to guard against single points of failure and ease disaster recovery.
Peace of mind for senior business executives.
A strategic approach to IT which allows it to keep pace with the business.

Working with this recruitment consultancy, CNC introduced leading edge technology to refresh their IT and bring it line with the business


This leading recruitment consultant based in and around London, was in the process of expanding their company overseas. Running alongside this business strategy was a plan to bring their IT in line via a refresh.
Key applications were to be used by two UK offices (with expansion planned in the next two years) and a number of international sites which were to launch in a matter of months. As such, it was imperative that the new IT architecture was the right one to ensure a smooth company transition.
The incumbent IT supplier recommended a straight like for like replacement of the current IT with servers based at the same location. CNC took a different tack, we understood that the company was evolving and perhaps the IT requirements had changed.
We took the time to understand where the company was and where it was headed. We invested our time in face to face meetings, with our Technical Services Director in discussions with their Directors.


Our resultant proposition was a new single server running virtual versions of the current physical servers. This would be relocated to our dedicated Data Centre, which would provide high speed and reliable application availability across the entire organisation including the International offices.
As it is critically important for effective user access across all sites, we proposed an upgrade to the Terminal Server to 2008. This allowed us to increase the memory and enhance its performance.
In addition we also installed a Citrix application on this server to further improve performance. This software has been proven to improve performance considerably compared to using Terminal Services only. The improved interface means that the use of applications – whether remote or local – is seamless to the user.
By moving the core of the inter office network to a high bandwidth Data Centre we were able to retire expensive SDSL lines that were previously in place between the UK offices. These were replaced with leading edge Infinity broadband with increased speed for a fraction of the cost.


  • Virtualisation
  • Citrix
  • Cloud Computing
  • CNC ServerCare
  • CNC ServiceDesk
  • Consultancy
  • New server install
  • CNC Broadband


The use of virtualisation to consolidate hardware reduces the initial capital outlay for the project and reduces ongoing support costs for the systems.
The user experience has been improved with standardisation of the interface and high performance access via a relaible and secure link.
The solution was designed with upgradability and flexibility in mind to ensure it continues to keep pace with the business.

With systems key to operations, CNC were asked to implement Disaster Recovery and Data Backup processes to reduce the risk of business downtime


This Electrical Maintenance company based in London required an upgrade of their aged IT and someone to manage it for them.
As a result of expansion the new multi-site company was leaving the legacy IT infrastructure behind.
As the IT became increasingly critical to the business guaranteed uptime and recovery from disaster was required.


CNC installed leading edge systems and provided on-going management and support.
IT was consolidated to head office with Citrix used for guaranteed remote application access across all sites.
A 2nd Site Disaster Recovery Solution at our Data Centre was put into place to ensure systems could be restored with 4 hours of any outage or local site disaster.
Tape backup of data was replaced with an automated Remote Backup solution requiring no manual intervention.


  • ServerCare
  • ServiceDesk +
  • 2nd Site DR
  • 2nd Site DB
  • CNC Broadband
  • Citrix


Key systems and data are protected against local and site disasters giving peace of mind to business execs and minimising business downtime.
IT and applications are now aligned to the new distributed organisation and management can more effectively manage all employee use of systems.
System management is consolidated and centralised thereby reducing on-going support costs.

Working with CNC since 2007, the company outsourced their entire IT, with around 60 users, to CNC.


Shoreham Port prides itself on providing the very best experience for its customers, local communities and for its team. An award winning port, with a clear vision about its business future. As part of its continued improvement strategy, the team at Shoreham Port wanted to support its Masterplan with an outsourced IT solution, but could an IT company, independent of the Port support such an ambitious strategy?


Looking over the Ports objectives for the future, an initial audit of the Ports systems and IT Infrastructure, observing how the Port functions and carries out its day to day activities.  Solutions delivered included: Implementation of full fibre optic cabling across the port to support a full wireless infrastructure to assist ship unloading/loading, new server hardware including full redundancy to ensure continued port operations, migration of email to Microsoft 365 and home working facilities and migration of voice services to Microsoft Teams voice.


  • ServerCare Gold
  • ServiceDesk +
  • CNC Broadband
  • New Server Installs


As a result of the consultation, Shoreham Port have been able to transform and upgrade its IT Infrastructure, by aligning the IT with the Port’s Masterplan, CNC have been able to simplify the process of IT for the Port, improve user experience, thus increasing productivity, reduced IT issues, and have controlled costs.

CNC install Disaster Recovery and Archiving to ensure this client’s Email is Always On


This firm of solicitors based in Brighton and Hove places a great deal of dependence on their email system. Much of their work involves communication and a large proportion of this is carried out via email.
A regulatory requirement also exists for the company to retain email for a defined period and they have found this difficult to manage due to storage restraints and general email management. In addition outages of the email system have proved to be considerably disruptive to the business operations.
The client required a more effective email system that would meet their business requirements of email archiving and, in the event of a disaster to the email server, to have in place a backup solution that will allow them to continue email operation with minimal disruption.


In line with this brief, CNC recommended our Hosted MailGuard solution which intercepts every single email sent and received in and out of the organisation and stores them in their original form at a secure dedicated data centre.
These emails, which are archived for up to 10 years, are searchable by key members of the organisation at any time.
MailGuard also has comprehensive business continuity functionality built into the solution. Should the main Exchange server fail, emergency email facilities for all users are instantly available and appear seamless to users. Employees can send and receive email the same way they did before the disaster.


  • CNC MailGuard


This solution, offered as an annual fee per user, instantly resolved two major issues for the client –
No disruption to email operations in the event of a disaster to the main server.
Guaranteed storage of all emails for a predefined period to satisfy regulatory requirements and to allow management to track and manage email correspondence.

After being let down by another provider, this manufacturer brought in CNC to turn the IT around


This multi-site manufacturer were faced with their internal IT resource moving into another role. Subsequently, they were looking to outsource management and support of the key system areas to compensate for these staff changes.
An external IT support company was brought in but did not improve the situation with support regarded as reactive.
Management believed fire-fighting was taking place with the current supplier not addressing any of the fundamental problems that existed within the infrastructure.
As such the systems were not improving with a big disconnect between the IT and business. The internal staff, who wanted their responsibilities to be reduced, were finding they were spending even more time dealing with issues!


Following an extensive review we advised the client to shore up some glaring deficiencies with regards to security and data backup. We have implemented time lines for modifications and upgrades to ensure the IT keeps in line with the business.
This is complemented by regular scheduled board level discussions, held with CNC’s Technical Services Director to brief client Directors on development and on-going requirements.


  • ServerCare Gold
  • ServiceDesk +


Client Execs can now focus on their business rather than the IT as they have placed responsibility for their systems in the hands of CNC.
With our formal Service Level Agreements and reporting tools in place they can be assured that we are meeting their expectations at all times.
Reactive fire-fighting of IT issues has been replaced with a proactive approach that is designed to prevent issues before they become problems.

Going beyond the Cloud Computing hype to deliver a solid business led IT solution


This national charity for disadvantaged young people is located across 30 + sites around the UK. Each of these requires access to applications that are key to day to day operations. Reliable bandwidth and systems uptime was key to success.
The existing systems, based at one of the office locations, were unable to meet these demands.


Due to the distributed nature of the business and its impact on the IT, CNC advocated a move of the entire IT infrastructure to one of our Data Centres (Cloud Computing Services). This provides guaranteed bandwidth for all users across the company to ensure application uptime.
All of the servers were virtualised to consolidate the hardware and minimise the space and power consumption. All of the offices were reconfigured to access their systems and data from this central location (“The Cloud”).
The project included the implementation of a CNC hosted online backup solution as well as centralised web access and filtering. CNC also provide on-going support, monitoring and management of the systems along with 2nd line support for all users across the company network.


  • CNC Managed Cloud Infrastructure
  • CNC ServerCare
  • CNC Broadband
  • New Server Install
  • Server Virtualisation


For a simple monthly fee the client now has a reliable system delivering fast application access to all users across the company. Due to the dedicated facilities at the Data Centre system uptime has increased.
Executives no longer have to worry about managing and maintaining the systems and can leave this to CNC whilst they concentrate on running the business. As a result ongoing support and management costs have decreased.

Using Hybrid solutions to get the benefits of both Cloud and on premise IT


This storage solutions company needed to replace their existing server which had reached the end of its useful life.
CNC was brought in to advise on options for a new system whilst taking into account new technology such as Cloud Computing which may be appropriate.


Following a review of the business and how they work, CNC recommended a move to a hybrid hosting/ on premise solution.
This proposition keeps a local server for file/ print and other daily processes but removes some of the key day to day applications, in this case Email, and puts them in the hands of a hosted provider such as Microsoft to operate and manage.
The client now pays a simple monthly fee for each user which they can add or remove as needed on a monthly basis.


  • Hosted Exchange
  • CNC ServerCare
  • New Server Install


We were able to introduce a cheaper, smaller server significantly reducing the initial capital costs for a new solution. In addition the complexity of the local infrastructure is reduced with a corresponding decrease in install time and ongoing support costs.
The Hosted Exchange application is upgraded as new versions become available, so the client will always be in possession of the latest software.

Bringing IT up to speed with the business

Business Alignment

Virtualisation, Cloud and Citrix Working For The Business

Business LED IT

Guarding against server and site disaster

Disaster Recovery

Port facility outsources entire IT for 60 users

Full Outsourcing

Solicitors sort out their email once and for all

Mail Archiving

From reactive fire-fighting to proactive IT Management

Partial Outsourcing

National Charity moves to the Cloud

Cloud Computing

Hybrid Solutions – the best of both worlds

Hybrid Computing


Average Response Time
For Priority Requests

0.16 HOURS

Requests Raised


SLAs Met

98 %

Requests reopened

4 %

Fixed within 8 hours

64.8 %


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Recognise your needs

You tell us all about your business; your current position and resources; operating challenges and goals. We help you to identify the key capabilities you need to achieve your business strategy.

  • Initial meeting
  • IT and business audit, comprising
    • system review
    • penetration testing
    • PC audit
    • user audit and questionnaire
  • Create audit report with recommendations
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Connect business & tech

We strengthen the link between your IT and your business; aligning business and IT strategy. We go beyond mere support and partner with our clients, taking responsibility and providing ongoing insight.

  • Identifying where the technology should be located
  • Presentation of solution
  • Board level workshop and interactive session
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Provide effective systems

We translate your requirements into flexible, dynamic systems, run trials, and then implement your chosen solution. And our technology preference is always based simply on whatever suits you best.

  • Project planning
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • System and server build
  • Installation
  • Testing and quality assurance
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Relentless performance

We offer full or selective outsourcing services. Everything from day-to-day fault management and systems monitoring, to high-value services like asset tracking and pre-emptive problem resolution.

  • Incident management
    (IT support role)

    • day-to-day support
    • service level agreement management
  • Problem management
    (IT manager role)

    • root cause analysis
  • Strategic management
    (IT director role)

    • IT strategy
    • planning
    • budgeting
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Discover the Advantages of a True VoIP IP PBX3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It is based on the SIP standard and supports most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP service providers and PSTN phone lines. It is easy to manage by system administrators as it integrates well with Windows Network infrastructure.

“We have been very pleased with the overall capability of the 3CX telephone system within our business. With a Windows-based system, we have control over the phones and don’t have to pay for support from our old provider.”

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Our History

Computer and Network Consultants Ltd (CNC) was established in 1996 by Gary Jowett and Graham Lind. Both had worked in Information Technology for many years and they wanted to create a company that would provide excellent IT support with outstanding customer service to small and medium-sized businesses.

CNC has grown significantly since its inception and the company now works with a wide range of businesses. From small businesses employing fewer than 5 staff, to large businesses with up to 250 employees.

Manufacturing and Distribution make up a large proportion of our clients, but we also support accountancy firms, recruitment consultants, solicitors and many more. Any business that uses IT can benefit from our services.

Giving You Peace of Mind

The IT solutions we provide are designed to give you peace of mind. So that you can relax knowing that your IT is taken care of.

We aim to free business owners from day-to-day worries about IT so that they can concentrate on running and growing their business.

Quality Products

We work with the leading product suppliers – Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Mimecast, Symantec and SonicWall, reflecting the quality of service we provide. Most of the products we recommend are used by ourselves in-house. So we are expert users and can provide the highest level of customer service.

Facilitating Business Growth

CNC offers many levels of IT support. From support for selected services to fully managed outsourcing.

The solutions we provide are designed with growth in mind. So that as your business grows you don’t have to throw out old technology and start over. Your systems will develop with you.

Keeping your Systems and Data Secure

Security is a major concern for all our clients. A major security breach can destroy a business. At the very least it will prove costly, not to mention the reputational damage it will cause.

At CNC we keep abreast of new developments in IT security. We provide the most up-to-date software and hardware security solutions, as well as offsite data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

ISO27001 Certification

CNC is ISO27001 certified.

This means that we meet the international standard that provides the specification for an information security management system (ISMS). The Standard is designed to help organisations manage their information security processes in line with international best practice while optimising costs.

ISO27001 certification is a requirement for all contracts with government departments and many other businesses.

We would be delighted to help your company achieve this globally recognised industry certification.

ISO9001 Certification

CNC is also ISO9001 certified.

Our Quality Management System is based on a number of key principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. This certification helps us to ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.  We first became certified in September 2014 and have proudly held this ever since.

Customer Focused

Our Company ethos centres on our customer’s needs and all our staff are trained to provide excellent customer service.

“Thank you for your excellent attention to our business. You have proved that outsourcing can work”

“Your guys were brilliant”

“Your engineer has been a pleasure to work with”

Company Ethos

We don’t employ salespeople. Our Technical Services Director, Graham Lind will meet with you to discuss your IT needs.

Graham has 32 years technical experience. He loves to use his knowledge and experience to help businesses implement and manage an efficient IT operation to meet their business needs.

Customer Engagement

We offer a FREE IT Health and Security Check service. Give us a call on 01273 386333 or email us to book a free check for your business or to meet Graham.

Graham Lind
Gary Jowett
Adrian Cragg

Graham Lind

Technical Sales Director

For the last 12 years Graham has been in charge of evolving the Technical Services Department with continual investment in systems, processes and people. In addition to planning CNC’s IT infrastructure he can also be found interacting with our customers face to face.Where possible Graham makes a point to visit all of our client sites to get a feel and understanding for their IT needs first hand. For our fully managed accounts he will meet with executives on a regular basis in an ‘IT Director’ capacity.

With 32 years’ experience in the IT industry, 22 of which as a co-Director, Graham can offer both commercial/ business and technical expertise. This puts him in an ideal position to advise businesses on their current and future IT needs.

Gary Jowett

Operations & Marketing Director

Gary is responsible for the smooth running of the sales and marketing department where the emphasis is on keeping our clients happy and bringing on-board new customers that share our vision of business led IT. In 1996 Gary staged a management buyout of CNC who, along with his co-director, shared a vision to transform the company into a service based business with customer focus at its core. He has 32 years’ experience in the IT sector and has recently been responsible for driving forward our new brand and marketing strategy which will take the company forward in 2020 and beyond.

Gary is still heavily involved with our customers on a daily basis and should you wish to discuss your IT requirements he would be only too happy to take your call.

Adrian Cragg

Technical Director

Adrian joined CNC in 2004 having previously obtained a degree in Computing & Management at Loughborough University and has seen the number of employees more than quadruple. With over 20 years of experience in IT, his considerable technical knowledge has served CNC well, as he has worked tirelessly to keep the company at the forefront of the latest products and services. This has benefited our customers enormously, allowing them to grow their businesses without having to worry about their IT Systems.

Always striving for improvements and leading by example, Adrian became a director of CNC in 2019 and continues to ensure that CNC delivers excellent service by really understanding the customer & their needs. He has been instrumental in CNC gaining and maintaining the ISO 27001 certification along with playing a pivotal role for several customers in achieving it too.

We are a well-established IT and Technology company with offices in Southwick, West Sussex.

We’re always on the lookout for talented & keen people to join our team to help deliver an excellent service to our customers and we are currently looking to fill the following roles within CNC.

If you’re looking to further your career and want to learn the latest technologies in a tried and tested company with a good Socially Distanced Social Scene then get in touch.
You too could be part of the renowned CNC culture and enjoy benefits such as flexible working, training, development and never having to clock watch again!

We are looking for an experienced and dynamic person be based at a client site in Uckfield to deal with desktop support issues.

If you think you meet the criteria below, get in contact!

    • A sound, basic understanding of IT and IT terminology, including all windows server and workstation products as well as networking technologies
    • Experience with Windows desktop operating systems, installing, configuring and administering including connecting to a Microsoft Windows Network/Domain
    • Experience in configuring wireless networks and technologies
    • A good understanding of the Microsoft Office suite & Microsoft 365 is essential
    • Possess a willingness to learn and co-operate as part of a team
    • Have confidence working in a busy often hectic environment
    • Excellent telephone manner is required along with friendly customer service skills
    • Attention to detail is very important
    • A logical approach to problem solving coupled with common sense
    • Punctuality, staff must be ready to work by their allotted time and willing to be flexible with their working arrangements
    • Ideally has worked for a managed service provider previously
    • Ideally live within 30 minutes of Uckfield

Please send your CV to to apply or request more information.


Sorry, no agencies. 

We are looking for experienced and dynamic person to work within the project team.


If you think you meet the criteria below, get in contact!


This role is ideally suited to candidate that has previous worked as an IT Project Engineer for a MSP. The duties of the Project Consultant involves implementing varied IT projects focused around the installation of new server hardware, installing Windows servers and migration of services to Microsoft 365. You will be required to be able to work on these projects independently, so previous experience and a high level of technical skill is essential. You will work with the Project Team Lead to deliver technical projects proficiently and on budget.


Your duties may also include some elements of the planning of smaller projects for yourself and junior members of the team, liaise with customers and third party vendors to plan and implement projects as well as providing some guidance for others.


The job is based both in the office in Southwick and on customer’s sites. A full driving licence is essential because there will be regular visits to London and the South East area of the country. Some home working is optional following an initial training period.


The candidate MUST MEET the following criteria

    • MUST HAVE previously worked for a computer dealer/reseller
    • MUST HAVE previously held a role working as a project engineer/consultant
    • A sound, comprehensive understanding of IT and IT terminology including:
      • Windows Server 2019 and earlier versions
      • Microsoft 365 technologies, Azure AD, SharePoint etc
      • Firewalls, routers, switches etc, ideally SonicWall
      • Active Directory management
      • Microsoft Exchange servers
      • Most popular anti-virus products, i.e. Webroot, Symantec etc
      • Backup solutions, i.e. StorageCraft, Veeam
      • Virtualisation technologies, i.e. VMware, HyperV

Required Skills

    • Excellent commercial awareness
    • A logical approach to problem solving coupled with common sense
    • Possess a willingness to learn and co-operate as part of a team
    • Have confidence working in a busy often hectic environment
    • Excellent telephone manner is required along with friendly customer service skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Good communication, literacy and organisational skills
    • Punctuality, staff must be ready to work by their start time and willing to be flexible with their working arrangements
    • Ideally live within a 25-mile radius of the office

Please send your CV to to apply or request more information.  


Sorry, no agencies.

If you are interested in any of these roles please send your CV and a covering letter to

Say hello
01273 386 333

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