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Microsoft Office 2016 boosts business efficiency

The release of Office 2016 is the dawn of a new approach to working for many South Eastern companies enabling information to be shared and for collaboration.

It’s the latest indication of a new evolutionary approach from Microsoft. There are no major changes or surprises to baffle people who are used to previous versions of Office. Instead, just some incremental improvements to make life that little bit easier.

Changes to the Word application help to illustrate some of the improved features Office 2016 offers. Take the Tell Me tool which is a successor to the oft-derided Clippy paperclip icon which many people may remember from Office 97. Tell Me is far superior allowing you to search for a feature or task you’re looking for and instantly making it available. So, if you’re trying to work out how to insert a table to a Word document, all you need do is search for ‘how do I insert a table’ or similar. The option is immediately revealed.

Microsoft Office 2016 helps authors collaborate

Another improvement businesses across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire will discover is the ability to co-author documents.

“For the first time you can see what people are typing onto the Word document in real-time,” says Gary Jowett from CNC in Brighton. “This is when you and a colleague elsewhere are editing a document stored on one of Microsoft’s cloud services. It will really help a lot of businesses who have people in different locations by avoiding travel and reducing the number of face-to-face meetings needed to complete a document.”

Word also has an improved editing history side panel. So, if someone really makes a mess of the draft, previous versions are easy to restore in a matter of seconds.

How do I manage my emails effectively?

Many companies along the south coast are desperate for a way to deal with the deluge of emails they receive. Office 2016 provides an answer.

The new Clutter tool helps them to automatically categorise and prioritise emails. So, on a busy day, you can quickly concentrate on those priority emails and leave the rest for a quieter, more convenient time.

Ask your IT consultant when it’s best to upgrade to Office 2016.

Once you have, you can relax a little because there won’t be any big releases to worry about in the future. Just like the new Windows 10 operating system, there will only be minor improvements to Office 2016 on a regular basis.

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