Virtualisation, Cloud and Citrix Working For The Business

Working with this recruitment consultancy, CNC introduced leading edge technology to refresh their IT and bring it line with the business


This leading recruitment consultant based in and around London, was in the process of expanding their company overseas. Running alongside this business strategy was a plan to bring their IT in line via a refresh.
Key applications were to be used by two UK offices (with expansion planned in the next two years) and a number of international sites which were to launch in a matter of months. As such, it was imperative that the new IT architecture was the right one to ensure a smooth company transition.
The incumbent IT supplier recommended a straight like for like replacement of the current IT with servers based at the same location. CNC took a different tack, we understood that the company was evolving and perhaps the IT requirements had changed.
We took the time to understand where the company was and where it was headed. We invested our time in face to face meetings, with our Technical Services Director in discussions with their Directors.


Our resultant proposition was a new single server running virtual versions of the current physical servers. This would be relocated to our dedicated Data Centre, which would provide high speed and reliable application availability across the entire organisation including the International offices.
As it is critically important for effective user access across all sites, we proposed an upgrade to the Terminal Server to 2008. This allowed us to increase the memory and enhance its performance.
In addition we also installed a Citrix application on this server to further improve performance. This software has been proven to improve performance considerably compared to using Terminal Services only. The improved interface means that the use of applications – whether remote or local – is seamless to the user.
By moving the core of the inter office network to a high bandwidth Data Centre we were able to retire expensive SDSL lines that were previously in place between the UK offices. These were replaced with leading edge Infinity broadband with increased speed for a fraction of the cost.


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  • Citrix
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The use of virtualisation to consolidate hardware reduces the initial capital outlay for the project and reduces ongoing support costs for the systems.
The user experience has been improved with standardisation of the interface and high performance access via a relaible and secure link.
The solution was designed with upgradability and flexibility in mind to ensure it continues to keep pace with the business.