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Time to move to popular Windows 10

Windows 10 is now more popular than Windows 7 so businesses that haven’t made the switch yet are in danger of being left behind.

Gary Jowett from Computer & Network Consultants in Brighton says: “The growing popularity of Windows 10 proves what a success it has been for Microsoft. It’s 100 per cent stable and performs much faster than Windows 7 especially when the operating system is starting up.”

To make the upgrade is easy for anyone who is already running OS versions 7 or 8. However, it could be an opportunity to upgrade to the latest hardware with Windows 10 pre-installed and significantly hardware that’s designed for use with Windows 10. Ask an independent IT consultant who can talk you through all the options.

The good news about Windows 10’s popularity comes from the analytics firm Statcounter which says the OS now has a 42.78 per cent share of the Windows desktop operating system market. Another firm still has Windows 7 ahead but their analysis doesn’t focus specifically on the Windows desktop market.

Regular updates

Businesses who decide to switch will discover they need to pay a regular subscription for enterprise-grade versions of Windows 10. There aren’t any big one-off charges like the old days. And the OS is regularly updated as part of the subscription deal.

Those companies that have already switched from Windows 7 have found a lot of familiar things are back such as the Start button which disappeared during the dark days of Windows 8.

And Windows 10 will continually evolve to support new ways of working. For example, its Universal apps support a more mobile workforce making it easy to run the same tools used on your desktop PC on your mobile devices.

Microsoft claims the number of devices running Windows 10 already exceeds 600 million but that’s well short of the 1 billion they originally forecast by now. And yet, their revised target of 550 million by June 2018 has already been overtaken – as has the aim to get the OS on to 575 million by the end of September.

Things are clearly looking up. Windows 10 is here to stay as the OS of choice for most companies in Sussex and across the South East.

Gary Jowett says: “Clearly demand for Windows 10 is growing as it’s dawning on more people just how reliable it is. Your business should seriously consider upgrading hardware at the same time because the OS is designed for use with the latest equipment on the market. As Windows 10 is also much faster your workforce will be more productive so making the switch will be a worthwhile investment that could help your business expand.”

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