Solicitors sort out their email once and for all

CNC install Disaster Recovery and Archiving to ensure this client's Email is Always On


This firm of solicitors based in Brighton and Hove places a great deal of dependence on their email system. Much of their work involves communication and a large proportion of this is carried out via email.
A regulatory requirement also exists for the company to retain email for a defined period and they have found this difficult to manage due to storage restraints and general email management. In addition outages of the email system have proved to be considerably disruptive to the business operations.
The client required a more effective email system that would meet their business requirements of email archiving and, in the event of a disaster to the email server, to have in place a backup solution that will allow them to continue email operation with minimal disruption.


In line with this brief, CNC recommended our Hosted MailGuard solution which intercepts every single email sent and received in and out of the organisation and stores them in their original form at a secure dedicated data centre.
These emails, which are archived for up to 10 years, are searchable by key members of the organisation at any time.
MailGuard also has comprehensive business continuity functionality built into the solution. Should the main Exchange server fail, emergency email facilities for all users are instantly available and appear seamless to users. Employees can send and receive email the same way they did before the disaster.


  • CNC MailGuard


This solution, offered as an annual fee per user, instantly resolved two major issues for the client -
No disruption to email operations in the event of a disaster to the main server.
Guaranteed storage of all emails for a predefined period to satisfy regulatory requirements and to allow management to track and manage email correspondence.