The services we provide

IT Support Outsourcing

Business driven IT outsourcing that goes beyond day to day IT support. Encompassing IT strategy and ongoing management we reduce your costs and improve your IT.


Going beyond day to day IT Support

  • Gain tighter control over your IT support costs
  • Give CNC total responsibility (managed IT Support) or allow us to complement your internal resources
  • Full SLA’s in place, including 2 hour response which YOU can track
  • ServerCare for inclusive server support including monitoring
  • ServiceDesk, inclusive user support including asset tracking and audits
  • PrePay for adhoc use of our IT support services; use us as you need us

Disaster recovery & backup

40% of all SMB’s will go out of business if they cannot get to their data in the first 24 hours after a crisis – our Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup solutions ensure your company won’t meet this fate.


Disaster Recovery Services

  • 2nd Site Data Backup –
    protecting your Data with remote storage at a dedicated Data Centre, from £50 a month
  • 2nd Site Disaster Recover
    protecting your site with remote backup of servers to protect against disasters such as fire or flood
  • 2nd Site Server Recovery –
    protecting your servers with local restore of systems available in under an hour
  • 2nd Site MailGuard –
    protecting your email; archiving and immediate recovery of email functionality in the event of an Exchange server failure

Technology solutions

Once we understand what IT your business needs we can turn to an extensive portfolio of products, software and hardware to deliver a customised solution that meets your specific requirements.

  • Microsoft Gold Partner, full range of operating system solutions available
  • Virtualisation, reducing server management and support costs with VMWare
  • Citrix Silver Solution partner, remote working solutions using the market leaders products

Business Broadband Services

Without the Internet access that broadband provides the day to day operations of a small businesses can grind to a halt. CNC’s services, including ADSL, redundant broadband and leased lines provide reliable high speed access for our clients.


Having a "redundant" broadband service means having more than one broadband service available which will automatically switch from one to the other to optimise your connection to the Internet. If one service fails or is disrupted you can be assured of a reliable internet connection through the other route. This is know as internet connection redundancy.

Business broadband Services Provided:

  • CNC Internet – let us manage your domains, hosting and mail forwarding
  • CNC Broadband – a range of ADSL services including leading edge Infinity with inclusive support
  • Leased Lines – where maximum uptime is required and ADSL can’t deliver due to line quality