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CNC News Update 2018 Number 42018-06-10T15:20:54+01:00

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CNC News Update 2018 Number 4

CNC News Update

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Welcome to our CNC newsletter.

In this issue we’re talking email security and video-conferencing.

Email is the preferred method of communication for most businesses. But how secure is it?

And video conferencing. It’s low cost and convenient, but isn’t it really complicated to set up? Introducing 3CX, a video-conferencing system that’s easy to use through your phone system, and it’s free!


When I Send an Email is it Secure?

Unfortunately not! Email has evolved over time and was never designed for the sending of sensitive or confidential information. Despite this, it remains the standard form of business communication.

Financial data, passwords, personal identifiable information, even credit card details are frequently shared via email. And this means that this type of sensitive, personal or confidential information is being shared without proper safeguards.

This is a major problem. But with GDPR coming into force on May 25th it becomes even more important that businesses use email with caution. As well as damaging your business reputation, you could face a hefty fine!

How Can I Make My Business Emails Secure?

The answer is to encrypt your emails so that they cannot be easily read by third parties. Traditional approaches to encryption have been costly and complex but there is now a new service called Mimecast Secure Messaging.

Mimecast Secure Messaging is designed to help businesses send and receive sensitive or confidential information via email securely.

Recipients access messages via a secure Web portal, which is fully customised and branded with the sender’s company name, colours and logo. This helps ensure brand recognition and reinforces recipient confidence.

Secure Messaging is part of Mimecast’s wider cloud email security suite and should be an integral part of your overall security strategy, protecting you from new and emerging email threats. It also makes it possible for you to archive all your emails securely.

For more information get in touch on 01273 384100 or email us at



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The threat of cyber-attacks supported by the Russian state is looming larger than ever. All UK organisations, therefore, need to be on their guard and to make sure their security is watertight. Click here for more

CNC News Update

Video Conferencing Made Easy!

Sometimes there is a need to hold face to face meetings with clients and employees but, due to time constraints and geographical locations, it is not always possible to get everybody together in the same location at the same time.

A video conferencing system is an easy way to bring people together, wherever they are located. And the good news is that with 3CX it’s already part of your phone system. So it’s FREE!

All you need is a compatible browser or the 3CX webmeeting app on your mobile device and you’re ready to go!

You can use the camera on your laptop or upscale to a bigger camera if you want an entire meeting room to be covered. If you need to host a webinar then 3CX webmeeting can also do this. You can set up a webinar in a few minutes with minimal training.

For Meetings In-House and with External Participants

You can organise video conferences quickly and easily both for internal meetings and external meetings, with participants outside of your organisation.

  • Share PowerPoint presentations, documents or your desktop
  • Add pdf documents to be shared
  • Brainstorm ideas using the whiteboard

In addition, the integrated ‘chat’ facility allows participants to interact with the meeting organiser directly.

So you can meet and collaborate efficiently wherever you are.

3CX is a phone system that works with popular Internet Protocol phones and SIP trunks whether on-premise or based in the cloud. This gives you a complete communications solution. 3CX can be used with PC’s and smartphones without the cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ phone system.

We are happy to provide a free demo. Just get in touch with us on 01273 384100 or email us at

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this newsletter and picked up some useful information.

Do get in touch with your feedback and any ideas for future articles. We love to hear from you!

Call us on 01273 384100 or email us at

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