Port facility outsources entire IT for 60 users

Working with CNC since 2007, the company outsourced their entire IT, with around 60 users, to CNC.


Following resignation by the then incumbent IT Manager the Chief Executive was faced with a decision as to whether to continue with an internal resource or outsource
There were reservations as to whether an external supplier could deliver the service levels and personal attention that they believed an internal staff member could deliver.


After an initial audit of the systems the client visited the CNC offices to observe how we carry out our day to day activities.
They were impressed by the structure, systems and processes we have in place and this went a long way to alleviating their concerns.
We found many deficiencies in the systems - a classic symptom of the IT not keeping pace with the business, and the IT manager unwilling or unable to advise on ongoing upgrades and evolution of the systems.
Following some interim consultancy to stabilise and improve the security of the systems CNC began acting as the outsourced IT department via our ServiceDesk following strict Service Level Agreements for activities.


  • ServerCare Gold
  • ServiceDesk +
  • CNC Broadband
  • New Server Installs


CNC are accountable for all activities on the clients systems and the SLA's coupled with reporting processes allows the client to track the performance versus objectives.
Over the last 4 years the systems have become more stable, reliable and on-going costs have been contained.
As a result of standardisation, IT issues have dramatically reduced. Subsequently, service levels have actually improved versus that delivered by the ex IT Manager.