National Charity moves to the Cloud

Going beyond the Cloud Computing hype to deliver a solid business led IT solution


This national charity for disadvantaged young people is located across 30 + sites around the UK. Each of these requires access to applications that are key to day to day operations. Reliable bandwidth and systems uptime was key to success.
The existing systems, based at one of the office locations, were unable to meet these demands.


Due to the distributed nature of the business and its impact on the IT, CNC advocated a move of the entire IT infrastructure to one of our Data Centres (Cloud Computing Services). This provides guaranteed bandwidth for all users across the company to ensure application uptime.
All of the servers were virtualised to consolidate the hardware and minimise the space and power consumption. All of the offices were reconfigured to access their systems and data from this central location ("The Cloud").
The project included the implementation of a CNC hosted online backup solution as well as centralised web access and filtering. CNC also provide on-going support, monitoring and management of the systems along with 2nd line support for all users across the company network.


  • CNC Managed Cloud Infrastructure
  • CNC ServerCare
  • CNC Broadband
  • New Server Install
  • Server Virtualisation


For a simple monthly fee the client now has a reliable system delivering fast application access to all users across the company. Due to the dedicated facilities at the Data Centre system uptime has increased.
Executives no longer have to worry about managing and maintaining the systems and can leave this to CNC whilst they concentrate on running the business. As a result ongoing support and management costs have decreased.