Hybrid Solutions - the best of both worlds

Using Hybrid solutions to get the benefits of both Cloud and on premise IT


This storage solutions company needed to replace their existing server which had reached the end of its useful life.
CNC was brought in to advise on options for a new system whilst taking into account new technology such as Cloud Computing which may be appropriate.


Following a review of the business and how they work, CNC recommended a move to a hybrid hosting/ on premise solution.
This proposition keeps a local server for file/ print and other daily processes but removes some of the key day to day applications, in this case Email, and puts them in the hands of a hosted provider such as Microsoft to operate and manage.
The client now pays a simple monthly fee for each user which they can add or remove as needed on a monthly basis.


  • Hosted Exchange
  • CNC ServerCare
  • New Server Install


We were able to introduce a cheaper, smaller server significantly reducing the initial capital costs for a new solution. In addition the complexity of the local infrastructure is reduced with a corresponding decrease in install time and ongoing support costs.
The Hosted Exchange application is upgraded as new versions become available, so the client will always be in possession of the latest software.