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How to Use Cloud Computing for Data Backup

For both businesses and consumers alike, having backups of all of your important digital information, data and records is essential to staying prepared in case of any sort of emergency or disaster. For the individual, it is usually easy enough to simply create backup disks of any information you can’t afford to lose, although you should store them in a separate location. However, as businesses normally have much more vital information stored, this option is usually not feasible, which partly explains why cloud computing services are becoming so popular for both backing up data and allowing the information to be accessed from anywhere in the world.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, cloud computing refers to storing your data on an internet storage service, rather than physically storing it on your computer or company server at your own premises. When storing your data on the ‘cloud’ (cloud computing backup), you’ll need to engage a cloud computing service or data storage service like CNC Ltd, which will allow you to upload your files from the computer or server to the internet based cloud backup service.

As most businesses require a large amount of data to be stored, these online storage servers are quite large, infinitely expandable and more than capable of storing any and all of your information you need backed up and kept secure. In addition, they are also incredibly safe, requiring you to log in through a secure server in order to upload or download the data.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

When using a cloud computing service to backup your company’s data, you can either manually upload files or simply choose to have it automatically synchronised at the end of the day, week or even backup to the cloud every hour. Then, should something happen to your primary IT system causing you to lose all of your data and records on the local systems, all you need to do is access your cloud backup and simply download the files back to your company server or computer.

Cloud computing makes an excellent backup option for any IT disaster recovery plan, as it’s one of the safest and cheapest methods available and so is suitable for any size of business from the one man or one woman business to a large multi-national corporate organisations.

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