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CNC Cloud Solutions

Let us help you separate the hype from the reality to truly understand whether a Cloud Solution would be best for your business.

You may be reaching that time again where your IT needs replacing due to old age, performance and reliability. Faced with a barrage of Cloud Computing options you may be at a cross roads and unsure of which path to take.

You have the option to buy another server and associated software but will you be expected to keep this for another five years? You maybe tempted by the cloud model such as Microsoft Office 365 that provides you with hosted versions of the most used applications such as Exchange?

Some of the technologies and solutions are still at an early stage, being swept along on a wave of hype and marketing budgets – are they ready right now and are they right for your company?

Conversely you don’t want to invest in a solution that is going to be outdated within a year knowing that you have to run it for the next 5 years to justify the investment.

Many vendors, resellers and IT consultancies you speak to will have an ulterior motive to steer you in one direction.

CNC are different, we already have clients using both approaches, so we can give you an unbiased opinion as to which is more suitable and appropriate for your business.

Free Cloud Assessment

We are offering a FREE On-Site Audit of your current IT and on-going requirements, together with a FREE Cloud Assessment. This will then answer the following points:

  1. Understanding of Business Requirements and plans
  2. Readiness assessment for cloud option
  3. On premise versus cloud solution specification
  4. Pros and Cons of each
  5. On-going cost models for each option including managed services and support

Make sure you make the right decision because you’ll have to live with it for the next five years!

If you want to try Office 365 Free for 30 days Click Here.

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