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Sussex Wildlife Trust Ball

21 October 2018

Over 200 guests attended the Sussex Wildlife Trust Wilderness Wonder Charity Fundraising Ball at The Grand Hotel Brighton on Saturday 15th September 2018.

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BA data breach is stark reminder

14 October 2018

A massive breach of security at British Airways, which compromised 380,000 card payments, shows that organisations of all sizes are vulnerable to cyberattacks if their security is flawed.

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Cyber crime pays – so watch out

7 October 2018

Chilling new research reveals cyber criminals are outspending big businesses and posing an ever-increasing threat to UK companies.

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Network threat from faxes

22 September 2018

Companies should be aware of the hidden security threat from fax machines which are an unlocked backdoor for criminals.

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Microsoft’s DaaS plans leaked

14 September 2018

Microsoft’s rumoured to be launching a new managed desktop service where customers lease a Windows 10 compatible device as well as its operating system.

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1 September 2018
Search Seven swings back into action with their charity golf day on Thursday 30th August 2018.

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Guard against hacktivist attacks

23 August 2018

Companies need to protect their people and systems against hacktivism because it can compromise their networks. Worse still, it can be a cover for cyber criminals.

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IT skills shortage worsens

15 August 2018

The scrapping of ICT courses at GCSE Level is set to exacerbate the skills shortage in IT departments and tech companies across the UK.

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Rising seas threaten digital disaster

9 August 2018

Rising sea levels could decimate fibre cabling, data centres and the internet in less than 15 years, according to alarming new research.

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Growth of AI can help businesses

26 July 2018

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) for a range of tasks is now a growing phenomenon that could bring real benefits to Sussex organisations.

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