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Guard against Russian cyber threat

25 May 2018

The threat of cyber-attacks supported by the Russian state is looming larger than ever. All UK organisations, therefore, need to be on their guard and to make sure their security is watertight.

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Get two-factor security ASAP

15 April 2018

Two-factor authentication is now essential to beat cyber criminals.

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Ofcom revolution will boost your businesses

2 April 2018

Six million homes and businesses will have access to ultrafast internet speeds in only two years’ time if Ofcom’s latest proposals become a reality.

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Better safe than sorry over Kaspersky risk

24 March 2018

Concerns about the safety of Kaspersky’s anti-virus software continue to circulate so it’s a good idea to think about switching to another provider.

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Take care choosing new hybrid kit

3 March 2018

There’s a growing demand for devices that combine laptops with tablets but businesses need to choose carefully to avoid wasting money on kit that’s just not up to the job.

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Time to move to popular Windows 10

25 February 2018

Windows 10 is now more popular than Windows 7 so businesses that haven’t made the switch yet are in danger of being left behind.

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Block those cyber fraudsters

31 December 2017

Beware of social engineering by cyber criminals. It’s an ever-growing threat to businesses worldwide.

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Flexible working makes business sense

25 November 2017

Now it’s common sense to consider more flexible work patterns for your employees because of the wide range of tools available that make it highly effective and secure.

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HP disaster is lesson in poor planning

18 November 2017

The destruction by wildfires of many of Hewlett Packard’s historical documents is a painful reminder for all organisations to keep data safe and have a disaster recovery plan.

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Mimecast protects your business

8 October 2017

Loss of emails can badly affect operational effectiveness and could breach data protection law if the lost correspondence contains customer records.

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