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IT skills shortage worsens

15 August 2018

The scrapping of ICT courses at GCSE Level is set to exacerbate the skills shortage in IT departments and tech companies across the UK.

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Rising seas threaten digital disaster

9 August 2018

Rising sea levels could decimate fibre cabling, data centres and the internet in less than 15 years, according to alarming new research.

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Growth of AI can help businesses

26 July 2018

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) for a range of tasks is now a growing phenomenon that could bring real benefits to Sussex organisations.

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Great golf day scores another big total

5 July 2018

A charity golf day, organised by CNC and Bennet Griffin, has raised £2,440 for the St Barnabas House Hospice.

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UK firms not ready for IT failures

27 June 2018

Many UK businesses just aren’t prepared for IT outages reveals recent research.

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Data breach haunts Uber in Brighton

20 June 2018

A data breach that occurred two years ago has now cost Uber its licence to operate a taxi-hailing service in Brighton.

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Guard against Russian cyber threat

25 May 2018

The threat of cyber-attacks supported by the Russian state is looming larger than ever. All UK organisations, therefore, need to be on their guard and to make sure their security is watertight.

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Get two-factor security ASAP

15 April 2018

Two-factor authentication is now essential to beat cyber criminals.

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Ofcom revolution will boost your businesses

2 April 2018

Six million homes and businesses will have access to ultrafast internet speeds in only two years’ time if Ofcom’s latest proposals become a reality.

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Better safe than sorry over Kaspersky risk

24 March 2018

Concerns about the safety of Kaspersky’s anti-virus software continue to circulate so it’s a good idea to think about switching to another provider.

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