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BA meltdown is disaster recovery lesson

11 June 2017

The global IT system failure that hit British Airways and caused all its flights to be cancelled at London Heathrow and Gatwick is a lesson in the importance of disaster recovery planning.

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WannaCrypt attack is big wake-up call

3 June 2017

The mass attack by the WannaCrypt malware which hit more than 300,000 users of Microsoft products worldwide, is another stark reminder that UK businesses should regularly update their IT systems with

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Time to seriously consider Office 365 ProPlus

20 May 2017

Businesses that use Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus can look forward to more predictable updates. Starting from September, these will be delivered twice a year.

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Stay safe from cyber-crime – get certification

1 May 2017

Cyber-crime is now such a major threat to UK businesses that many companies will soon have to prove they are properly protected to avoid losing key contracts.

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30Mbps boost for rural Sussex businesses

9 April 2017

Faster, minimum broadband speeds are on the cards for rural Sussex businesses when the Digital Economy Bill becomes law.

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