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Flexible working makes business sense

25 November 2017

Now it’s common sense to consider more flexible work patterns for your employees because of the wide range of tools available that make it highly effective and secure.

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HP disaster is lesson in poor planning

18 November 2017

The destruction by wildfires of many of Hewlett Packard’s historical documents is a painful reminder for all organisations to keep data safe and have a disaster recovery plan.

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Guard against KRACK wi-fi threat

7 November 2017

Sussex businesses that use wi-fi connections need to act now to guard against a flaw recently uncovered in commonly-used wireless application protocols.

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Public wi-fi – treat with caution

19 October 2017

Beware of public wi-fi hotspots where hackers may be waiting to intrude into your world.

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Mimecast protects your business

8 October 2017

Loss of emails can badly affect operational effectiveness and could breach data protection law if the lost correspondence contains customer records.

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