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Invest more in cyber security

21 January 2019

There’s a lack of cyber security expertise and insufficient expenditure in many organisations which makes them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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Huawei poses security threat

13 January 2019

British companies are being warned to beware of the hidden threat from technology giant Huawei.


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Marriott hacking is stark warning

6 January 2019

The theft of up to 500 million customer records from the Marriott hotel group is a shocking reminder to everyone how vulnerable personal information is in the digital era.

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Simplification cures wi-fi headaches

16 December 2018

Wi-fi certification has been simplified in a bid to make it easier for everyone to understand what they are buying.

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New processors will boost productivity

8 December 2018

New desktop processors from Intel will ramp-up productivity for UK companies as they can handle a heavy workload, performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

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