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Public wi-fi – treat with caution

19 October 2017

Beware of public wi-fi hotspots where hackers may be waiting to intrude into your world.

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Mimecast protects your business

8 October 2017

Loss of emails can badly affect operational effectiveness and could breach data protection law if the lost correspondence contains customer records.

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Full fibre pilot for Sussex is good news

18 September 2017

A government-backed pilot in West Sussex to test out fibre direct to premises means businesses can seriously consider much faster connection speeds in the future.

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Phishing attacks – don’t take the bait

2 September 2017

Phishing attacks by cyber criminals are becoming much more difficult to spot and many people are still being duped into taking the bait.

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Be ready for new UK data law

22 August 2017

A new UK data protection law that’s on its way doesn’t mean it’s OK to forget new European legislation.

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