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Investing in IT is vital for success

6 February 2018

The need for South East companies to keep investing in new IT is underscored by the record levels of investment in UK tech companies last year.

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Guard against processor flaws now

13 January 2018

UK businesses are being urged to act swiftly to protect against design flaws in microchip processors which could expose their IT systems to cyber-attack.

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Speed boost for remote businesses

6 January 2018

The UK government’s decision to make access to 10Mbps minimum broadband speeds a legal requirement for everyone by 2020.

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Block those cyber fraudsters

31 December 2017

Beware of social engineering by cyber criminals. It’s an ever-growing threat to businesses worldwide.

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US vote threatens net neutrality

24 December 2017

Equal access for everyone to the internet is under threat following a decision by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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